Fitness Essence works alongside one of our partner companies offering a unique and innovative public relation service to the sports industry. They have secured deals for major global stars over the last decade.

We are aware that the modern day sports star lives in the glare of the media more than ever before, making a professional, comprehensive and strategic media management service increasingly important.

The PR service exists to protect and build the reputation of sports men and women and maximise their image potential, leaving our clients to focus on their sporting performance.

  • Pro-active and reactive PR services
  • Targeted publicity – working with the client to deliver PR strategies to increase media coverage.
  • Crisis management – If a client has a problem we can help manage the situation with regards to media.
  • Advice on all aspects of PR and media.
  • Profile building and image protection
  • Liaison with sponsors – setting up photo shoots and photo approval. Managing press days with clients.
  • Media training for clients who are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with interviews and media process.

At Fitness Essence Sports Management we work closely with our business partners to pick out the right commercial deals that fit with our client’s image.

Services provided to our clients:

  • Radio Interviews
  • TV interviews
  • Media Appearances
  • Brand Sponsorship
  • Network TV deals
  • Publishing Deals
  • Takeover Deals

At Fitness Essence Sports Management we accept moral and legal responsibility to implement procedures to provide a duty of care for our clients.

Our clients are appointed their own personal player Liason which can help them deal with everything from booking flights, buying cars or securing the right legal advice.

We work alongside one of the top law firms in the UK to safeguard and protect clients from abuse and themselves from false allegations.

Time is taken to study codes of conduct and investigators, grievance, disciplinary and appeals procedures within sport.

Respond to any allegations appropriately and implement the appropriate disciplinary procedures.

Fitness Essence Sports Management will support, guide, regulate, monitor and provide accountability to any client from any chosen field.

Promote adherence to the welfare policy of their chosen sport through providing education, training and information.

Develop good practice guidance in relation to recruitment, selection, training of all staff and clients within our company structure.

We understand a sports professionals time is precious and often limited so searching for a property can prove to be a stressful experience.

We liaise with the very best property services that are expert property finders specialising in assisting footballers and other sports  professionals.

Sports professionals often move residence and are always looking for property to buy or rent. Fitness Essence provides on hand experts who are completely independent, save time and money with minimal disruption to your professional life.

Searches are placed for any type of house or apartment in England, the rest of the UK or abroad.

Our team long standing experience in professional football helps us to deal with your requests as soon as it happens.

We are able to offer immediate assistance – recognising that
transfers or relocation’s often occur at short notice – and can often help with temporary accommodation if necessary.

Services include:

  • Independent nationwide property finding
  • Buying and Renting
  • Discreet and confidential Service

How do you get the best rate for a new contract or a contract extension? Receiving the right contract is very important as it cannot only change your current situation but can have a positive effect on your future endeavours. Our skilled negotiation strategies are geared towards securing you the very best and most up to date contract to match your present value in the sporting industry.

We represent international athletes from all over the globe and with our contacts have helped them advanced their career to the next stage. 

We provide an elite service which is geared towards safeguarding our clients long term financial future.

The number of ex sports professionals that go bankrupt upon retirement is somewhere between 10-20%.

Our financial advisors are an independently owned wealth management business built around clients. They are totally committed to providing best solutions. This enables us to make sound investment decisions without interference and provide strategies that meet other objectives.

They have a strong track record of managing investments since 1986 and have a successful record of preserving and growing client assets through changing, market conditions.

Our investment professionals have a reputation for developing close and trusted long term relationships with all our clients.

Services include:

  • Providing a friendly and personal service that combines modern and innovative investment strategies with traditional values of honesty and integrity.
  • Our experienced investment team are dedicated to finding ways to preserve and grow real value of wealth through all market conditions.
  • They use their knowledge and expertise to research investment opportunities from around the world and make intelligent investment choices alongside tax-efficient strategies.

At Fitness Essence Sports Management we pride ourselves on constantly pushing the boundaries to help excel the results for our clients.

We provide an elite performance package which is designed to develop the athlete’s potential to a world class level. The service is ideal for any athlete who harbours ambition to reach the top of their chosen sport. If you’re serious about your sport then you should be serious about improving yourself not just physically but mentally.

We believe in training hard and winning easy!

The service includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Performance analysis
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Boot camps (off season/pre season)
  • Detailed fitness program (sport related)